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Organization and Participation

To ensure a problem-free video conference, preparation is of the utmost importance. A test conference in advance is essential!

The following questions and tips will help you to optimally prepare your video conference.

Organizing a Video Conference

  • If more than two locations participate in the conference, please determine in advance who will manage the video conference.
  • If the screen presentation is to be transmitted, we recommend sending the presentation to all participants before the conference.
  • If the video conference is to take place in a lecture hall at UZH, please contact us well in advance via our request form or by phone: 044 634 24 51
  • Be sure to conduct a test video conference with all participants!

Participating in a Video Conference

  • Have I received all of the data for the video conference from the organizer?
    People: Organizer, participants, technical support, etc.
    Connection: Web link or dial-in number/connection data
  • How many people will participate at my location?
    Groups of two to four people require a table microphone for video conferencing
  • Do I have administrator rights on my computer to install any software or browser plug-ins required?
  • Please take note of all of the information regarding software and browser versions!
Request Form
If you have any questions about the form, we will be happy to help you: phone 044 63 42451